I am a Berlin based filmmaker and videographer, skilled in writing, directing, filming and editing.
My heart beats for personal, artistic documentary films, but I am also excited to collaborate on other documentary formats, fictional films, image films and music videos as long as they somehow move and inspire me.
I believe that making a film is not only a creative but also a deeply political act. Every decision we make during the process is a political decision:
„Which stories get told, who gets to tell them, and who gets to see them. (…) Who’s directing. Where your film is set, where your film is shooting. Body types, ethnic diversity. How your female characters dress. How they behave vis a vis their male counterparts. How morally ambiguous your story is. The emotions that you hope to elicit in your audience. Whether you want people to feel satisfied or provoked, jolted out of their comfort zones or cleansed. How unapproachable and experimental and potentially alienating your film might be. Whether your film actually has a chance of reaching an audience, and who that audience is.“
Jane Schoenbrun in Filmmaker Magazine, 2016.
I strive to remind myself of this power and the responsibility that comes with it. I’d prefer to share it though, working together on creating beautiful, meaningful and playful films. Maybe with you?
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